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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to all students, whether you attend a community college or private university.

Financial Aid can help pay the costs of your education, often covering things like tuition fees, housing, meals, transportation, books, and supplies. Some types of financial aid include:

Federal Government programs
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from the U.S. Government is available to all qualifying students (not just full-time or four-year college students), whether you attend a community college or private university.

Grants and scholarships
These are money awards that do not need to be paid back. Often called “gift aid” or “free money,” grants and scholarships are based on financial need or a student’s grades or special talents. Churches, professional associations, cultural groups, and hospitals often give local scholarships, so check them out.

Student loans
You can pay back your loan once you finish school, and the interest is usually low. Some loans can even be “forgiven” if you work in certain under-served areas like county hospitals in low-income communities.

Local scholarships
As small as $200 or as large as $5,000 or above, local scholarships are rarely found on national Web sites. Check with your high school or college counselor for a list of local scholarships that may be available to you. You often have a much better chance of being awarded a local scholarship than you do a national scholarship because local scholarships often receive only a few dozen applicants. They’re definitely worth looking into.

Student employment or work-study
These represent opportunities where students work and get paid as part of their financial aid award. An example would be working 10 to 15 hours a week in the college library or health center.

Deloras Jones Scholarship

Both need- and merit-based scholarships are available to students across California. Need-based scholarships offered to students enrolled in approved nursing degree programs in California.