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Oakland, CA

Audrey Silverman


Nurses participating in concurrent clinical experience in a Kaiser Hospital based Perinatal Unit with a Perinatal nurse preceptor or greater than 200 hours (twenty 12 hour shifts or twenty-five 8 hour shifts) of clinical experience in a hospital based perinatal setting. The class is specifically set up to meet the needs of the Labor & Delivery, Antepartum, and Post-partum nurse.


This 12 day course will review the care of the perinatal patient, with a variety of healthcare disorders and concerns. In addition, this program reviews the basic content related to newborn care for L&D and Post Partum. It provides the knowledge base for a clinical preceptorship held at the individual facilities. Introduction to EFM training is included.


At the end of this class the nurse will be able to do the following:

  1. Apply clinical knowledge pertinent to nursing assessments which maintains or  promotes optimal wellness levels for the patient and family.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking through the use of hypothetical case studies in the implementation of a plan of care for patients in Labor and Delivery units.
  3. Identify abnormal fetal heart monitoring patterns.
  4. Discuss the psychological, physiological, and cultural responses during the antepartum and postpartum period and identify appropriate interventions/approaches.
  5. Discuss the appropriate evaluation and management of emergent situations in the antepartum and postpartum patient.
  6. Discuss the importance of changes to the family unit as it pertains to the healthy neonate, critically-ill neonate, or fetal demise.
  7. Describe newborn assessment, stabilization of the neonate, and mother’s readiness for breastfeeding.
  8. Describe the clinical significance of the LATCH acronym for breastfeeding.
  9. Discuss the importance of human factors, risk management, escalation policies, and diligent communication among health team members.
  10. Utilize theory, clinical assessments, and critical thinking to discuss care of a mom and baby after a vaginal delivery or a cesarean section while providing an individualized plan of care.


This program is provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 2365 for 75 contact hours. CEs will be issued at the end of the program. CEs will be issued at the end of the program.

Only those participants who have pre-registered for the class will be able to participate. No walk-ins are allowed.

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